Use the power of the internet to run your business - don't let it run you!

The EZ BUSINESS PACKAGE is the one stop resource to completely manage you business, both on and off the web. It provides an easy to use web based database, which manages your marketing, stock, customers, orders and billing.

Stock management

Update and view your stock with ease - at a glance you can see what you have in inventory, the amounts of each product and revive alerts when a particular product falls below your minimum inventory requirements. View products by type, category, alphanumerical list. Search for a product or group of products by keyword by keyword, or just display individual category or sub categories. If you need customized reports specific for your needs, then we just build them into the engine at no additional cost.

Client management

View your clients by username, last name, first name, email or even phone number. Give individual discounts to specific clients in a percentage of dollar amount. Create coupon codes - good for single or multiple use. Create a 'Client club' where clients can subscribe (for free or for a fee) where your customers can receive benefits.

Order management

Tax and shipping can be easily manipulated to cover any scenario. Have the ability to go into a specific order and change the price or discount on any or all products. At a click of a button generate invoices or packing slips.


Easily view how a product is doing in your marketplace, or see a client history. Prepare your annual taxes with ease, as all the paperwork for the fiscal year is generated.

Marketing package

Create professional flyers, media rich emails and postcards with ease. Create targeted email campaigns for clients who have purchased from specific product ranges in the past. Send out newsletters to your email list about latest additions to your stock or promotions!


Want anything else - let us know. We work closely with you to make sure you're 100% comfortable working with the site, and won't leave you the minute the work is done. We'll hold your hand and walk you through everything. We offer you an individual personalized service - Of course. We've created an easy to use user manual for the site that should walk you through 99% of your needs - but we're there if that fails. We'll make sure you walk away happy.

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